The Perfect Practice

The Perfect Practice is built around the core concept that promoting and building up a Health Practice is fundamentally different from promoting and building up any other service. You can't advertise, you can't discount or do specials, and you certainly can't say that you're not busy.

All of those shout out to the world loud and clear... You're No Good.

I'm going to share with you why for over 25 years I had at least a six-month waiting list to see me as a new client, which at one point reached a rediculous 2 years wait. And I only advertised once in 1987!

40 Lessons

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40 Lessons in The Perfect Practice:

Welcome to The Perfect Practice

The Journey Ahead!

What is a Perfect Practice?

Starting With The End in Mind (PP3)

Monitor and Measure where you are now (PP4)

The Perfect Practice Dashboard

Wrapping Up Section 1

The Challenges We Face as Health Practitioner with Building Our Practice

Our Relationship with Sales and Marketing (PP4)

The Myths That Get In The Way of Building A Busy Practice. (PP5)

The Consequences of the Myths (PP6)

The World of Marketing - Why Health Practitioners are Different (PP7)

Healing our Relationship with Practice Building (PP8)

Healing our Relationship with Practice Building (PP9)

The Perfect Practice Map (PP10)

Decoding The Attraction Matrix

Introduction To Decoding The Attraction Matrix

The Five Energies (PP11)

Water Energy (PP12)

Wood Energy (PP13)

Fire Energy (PP14)

Earth Energy (PP15)

Metal Energy (PP16)

Your Legend & Becoming Irresistibly Attractive

Introduction Decoding The Attraction Matrix

Your Legend Travels Through Time (PP17)

Your Legend Continues (PP18)

What Makes You Irresistibly Attractive? (PP19)

Tipping The Market

Introduction to Tipping The Market (PP20)

Water Energy Tipping The Market (PP21)

Wood Energy Tipping The Market (PP22)

Fire Energy Tipping The Market (PP23)

Earth Energy Tipping The Market (PP24)

Metal Energy Tipping The Market (PP25)

Being Web Famous (PP26)

Staying Attractive To Clients

Introduction Staying Attractive To Clients

Meaningful Moments of Connection (PP27)

Water Energy Meaningful Moments of Connection (PP28)

Wood Energy Meaningful Moments of Connection (PP29)

Fire Energy Meaningful Moments of Connection (PP30)

Earth Energy Meaningful Moments of Connection (PP31)

Metal Energy Meaningful Moments of Connection (PP32)

Concluding Meaningful Moments of Connection (PP33)

Staying Well & Final Thoughts

Staying Well (PP34)

Not Goodbye (And a Surprise)